I've managed multiple products where measuring impact was tough.

Mainly because the product metrics were not directly impacting business metrics (or revenue)And this stressed meI felt I had no way to show impact of my work.

But then I did this to find a way to show impact.


I started creating simple logical math to convert product metrics into business metrics.

(Example below)


I transparently published the logical math, and (luckily) it made sense to everyone.

And that is it -- that is all you need to do every time you're in a similar situation.

Translate product metrics to business metrics in a way that:

  • makes sense to everyone
  • is logical
  • is simple enough to understand and scale

How I can help you:

  1. Fundamentals of Product Management - learn the fundamentals that will set you apart from the crowd and accelerate your PM career. (Exciting discounts if you buy before launch)
  2. Improve your communication: get access to 20 templates that will improve your written communication as a product manager by at least 10x.
May 28, 2023
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