Career Growth

Product managers focus on your strengths instead of weaknesses to reach your potential

As a product manager, you need to focus on your strengths rather than weaknesses to feel happy and hence reach your true potential.
Career Growth

How to learn as a product manager

Understand how a product manager thinks and explore the valuable insights and resources to learn and thrive as a product manager
Fundamentals of Product Management

Challenges of a B2B product manager

In this article, I talk about how to handle the challenges that B2B product managers face
Communication and Influence

Cognitive Biases - Definition, Examples, Impact - A Guide for Product Managers

Cognitive biases are mental shortcuts that can lead to errors in judgment and decision-making. This guide for product managers explains what cognitive biases are, provides examples, and discusses their impact on product development. Learn how to identify and mitigate cognitive biases to build better products and make better decisions for your users and your business.
Industry Trends

10 Best Project Management Tools For Project Manager Of 2023

Project managers need the right tools to succeed. Here are the 10 best project management tools for product managers in 2023, These tools can help you with everything from product development to roadmapping to customer feedback.
Career Growth

How I Got my First Product Management Job - A Guide For Aspiring Mroduct Managers

Getting my first job as a product manager wasn't easy. I focused on learning product management and communication. This is how I did it.
Fundamentals of Product Management

Debunking Common Myths About Product Management

This article helps the reader understand what product management entails and what it doesn't