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10 Best Project Management Tools For Product Manager Of 2023

Product managers need the right tools to succeed. Here are the 10 best project management tools for product managers in 2023, These tools can help you with everything from product development to roadmapping to customer feedback.
Basic responsibilities

Resources for product managers: User Empathy

Learn how to leverage the power of user empathy to build exceptional products with this comprehensive collection of resources. Dive into the importance of building user empathy within product teams and understand its significance in design thinking. Discover practical tips and strategies to empathize with your users, increase user empathy, and cultivate it within your product teams
Basic responsibilities

15 Cheat Codes after 10 Years of Product Management

20 most important things that I have learned over the last 10 years as a product manager
Understanding the role

Why Product Managers Should Have Opinions

It is critical to have opinions as a product manager. It not only helps create the best products, but it also sets you up for long-term professional success
Important concepts

A simple guide to convert product metrics to business impact

Not all products directly contribute to business impact. For such cases, you should know how to convert product metrics to business impact.

Skip level meetings for product managers - what is it, why is it important, how to use it to accelerate your career

To be successful, product managers need to increase their impact and visibility. In this guide understand how Skip-level meetings can help you increase impact and visibility.
Skills/Qualities to succeed

How to learn as a product manager

To be a great product manager, you need to keep learning all the time. In this article, I share my learning best practices
Basic responsibilities

Product Sense - What is it And How Can You Improve it

This article will help readers build their product sense - the ability to create solutions today, with limited information, to solve user's problems tomorrow and in the future.

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