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Skills/Qualities to succeed

10 Best Project Management Tools For Product Manager Of 2023

Product managers need the right tools to succeed. Here are the 10 best project management tools for product managers in 2023, These tools can help you with everything from product development to roadmapping to customer feedback.
Become a new product manager

How I got my first product management job - A guide for all aspiring product managers

Getting my first job as a product manager wasn't easy. I focused on learning product management and communication. This is how I did it.

Best product management resources on the internet

In this list, I share my all time top resources to learn about product management. Access insightful articles, templates, courses, and expert advice to help you drive innovation and deliver successful products.

15 Inspiring Product Management Quotes By industry Leaders in 2023

Elevate your understanding of successful product management through these carefully selected quotes that encapsulate the core principles and strategies in the field.
Skills/Qualities to succeed

Resources for product managers: Mental Models and Decision Making

Product managers make many decisions. Mental models help improving decision quality. Get access to the top resources on mental models.
Basic responsibilities

Resources for product managers: Be a Great Product Manager in 30 Minutes Everyday

Discover how to become a highly knowledgeable product manager by investing just 30 minutes per day in targeted resources. This comprehensive guide suggests four essential resources for daily reading
Important concepts

Improve decision making with mental models

Know the top mental models, what they mean, and how to use them to make better decisions as a product manager.
Basic responsibilities

13 things you can do today to learn effective communication

Discover 13 practical tricks to improve your communication today. These exercises range from explaining complex topics to simplifying messages for different audiences. By challenging yourself to communicate concisely and effectively, you can strengthen your communication abilities.
Basic responsibilities

Resources for product managers: User Empathy

Learn how to leverage the power of user empathy to build exceptional products with this comprehensive collection of resources. Dive into the importance of building user empathy within product teams and understand its significance in design thinking. Discover practical tips and strategies to empathize with your users, increase user empathy, and cultivate it within your product teams

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