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Everything that I've shipped (aka created) since the last edition.

Hey there!

My wife and I had been wanting to travel to the south of Spain for a long time. As expats in the UK, we needed a Schengen visa to make it happen. Unfortunately, the visa application process was extremely stressful, and it took us 3+ months to get an appointment.

Thankfully, we finally got the appointment just in time for our trip to Granada and Marabella. However, the stress did not end there.

When we arrived at the airport 3.5 hour searly, the check-in staff told us that we were on standby and would know if we would make it onto the plane only at the last minute.

After nervously waiting for 2+ hours, we were finally allowed to board the flight, but we were the last ones to do so.

It was all worth it. The trip was absolutely fantastic! We spent an incredible week and got our fill of sun, sand, and sangria ☀️

I loved the stunning view of Granada from the top of the Alhambra fortress. Here's a picture.

Now moving on -- here is what I've shipped over the last few weeks

Mental models

I use mental models to increase the quality of my decision-making. It takes time to find the right ones and to learn how to use them effectively. And I've been able to do that in a few cases: Prioritisation, Ideating, Alignment.

- full article

Product Vision, Strategy, Roadmap, Goals

It's about time all product managers know the difference in product vision, strategy, roadmap, and goals.

Product Roadmap

Most product teams complicate the simple process of creating a roadmap.


We, PMs, can create ideas. Or we can create good ideas.

Current sprint

This section includes idea(s) that I'm reading and researching about this week

Over the last few weeks, I've started thinking, reading, learning, and writing about too many topics.

Listing them here.

Let me know what you want me to write on next.

Inspiration backlog

This section includes multiple ideas that are interesting but haven't made the cut yet.

  • I still haven't gotten back to the series on "Creating Impact." I might move it even lower on the backlog for now.
  • I've been thinking about the fact that 75% of what we do is more or less BS. BS that is created by the company, leadership, managers. And add less to no value in the real outcomes.
  • I have done a lot of talks and webinars on Analytics and metrics, but haven't written a detailed guide on the topic. And this topic is really close to my heart given my current role.

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