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Everything that I've shipped (aka created) since the last edition.

Hello there,

The last few weeks have been busy, but also a lot of fun. My wife and I drove 5 hours to Lake District (a region and national park in Cumbria in northwest England) for an extended weekend.

A short trip, which we absolutely loved. The scenery, lakes, treks, and the beer made it very special for me. Oh the beer! I've never had beer so smooth and delicious, and I've had a lot of beer all over Europe.

This picture (no filters) summarises the entire trip for me:

Now moving on -- here is what I've shipped over the last few weeks

Mental models

Mental models help to think broadly and ask the right questions at the right time. They force you to think of all possible scenarios, some of which you might miss other wise

- full article

North Star Metric

North Star (aka Polaris) has been historically used as a navigational reference point. It helps navigators know the geographical North, which allows them to find the best path to the destination.

North Star Metric does a similar job in a product management context.

Product management is easy

All we need to do:
Is create good products for users.
And launch it on time
And make it sustainable for the business...

Updates from the tech world

I've been playing around with Threads (Meta's competitor to Twitter) The platform has been growing at a crazy pace, and I don't dislike using it at all (so far.) If you're on it, do say hi.

On the other side, Elon is fighting hard to keep bots away from Twitter. He had made it mandatory for users to have an account to read tweets, but recently removed this limitation.

There is also a lot hapepning in the world of video social media -- Youtube is forcing users to either watch Ads or upgrade to premium. And this is a perfect example of what not to do as product managers.

Top resources:

Current sprint

This section includes idea(s) that I'm reading and researching about this week

I've been reading and collecting thoughts on three different ideas, and hope to share some or all of them in the coming weeks:

  1. Gamification -- how to use it to increase product engagement
  2. Business sense -- what does it mean and why is it so important
  3. The true meaning of Product Vision, Strategy, Roadmap

Inspiration backlog

This section includes multiple ideas that are interesting but haven't made the cut yet.

I started writing a series on the importance of "Creating Impact" for product managers. I was not happy with how it turned out. I will write on the topic again. Creating impact is so critical in our lives -- if we do everything right, but don't create impact, we will NEVER be successful. That is why it is important to understand how it can be done.

How I can help you become better:

  1. Communication Toolkit - get access to 20 templates that will 10x your communication with zero effort. (Get 30% OFF)
  2. Interview coaching: if you have an interview coming up, I will work with you and help you crack it
  3. Personalised mentoring: 1:1 mentoring to help you identify your strengths and opportunities. And work with you to make you a great product manager

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