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I had a great time diving deep into Product Sense with Ibrahim over the last few weeks, and we co-wrote an article that should help you unpack what it means and how you can make improve it.

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Continuous learning is the only way to make progress and become better at product manager.

The problem? How do we get the time, given our crazy schedules?

The solution? Create a simple system (like I have) that incorporates learning in your daily activities. 

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10 things that have had the highest ROI on my product management career

Current Sprint

I am doubling down on how I write this blog. I have created a list of (50+) challenges that product managers face in the real world. (Very soon, I will share the list of identified challenges so you can vote on the ones you face most often.)

I will dissect each, share practical tricks to tackle them, and share stories from my professional life to show how I tackle said challenges.

For the coming two weeks, I will be focusing on the importance of skip level meetings (as I feel a lot of product managers don't leverage them enough) and the importance (or not) of domain experience in product management.

Inspiration Backlog

Your managers play a very critical role in deciding how your career progresses. 

It is important that you align with them, showcase your achievement, agree on goals, and create a path. 

This is how I do it.

I often wonder what keeps PMs going. What keeps them happy and motivated.

I'd love to know what it is for you, and if you can comment on the tweet below, it would be great.

For me, it is: solving complex problems and creating impact for real-world users.

I have been spending time learning more about PLG (product led growth) and the first step in my learning was to find the best resources on the topic.

How I can help you become better:

  1. Communication Toolkit - get access to 20 templates that will 10x your communication with zero effort. (Get 20% OFF)
  2. Interview coaching: if you have an interview coming up, I will work with you and help you crack it
  3. Personalised mentoring: 1:1 mentoring to help you identify your strengths and opportunities. And work with you to make you a great product manager

Backlog grooming: If you have exciting ideas or pressing questions that you'd like me to dive deep in or talk more about, feel free to add them here.

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