Shipped this week

Hello there,

It's been a while since I shared progress. 

That is not because, I haven't shipped anything, but because I've been experimenting a lot with the content I want to create and share with you.

This is what I've got so far:

Topics I will focus on:

I have identified the aspects of product management that are critical to master if you want to be a great product manager. (Full list here)

All content will be on one or more topics from the list.

I will share the following about these topics:

Every 15 days, I will share one detailed guide that will break down the "how" you can master each aspect in real life.

Every guide will be extremely simple and based on my experience and learnings.

0% fluff, 100% practicality.

Other things I will talk about:

Resources: I consume a lot of content (articles and videos) on product management, and I often share my top resources on Twitter and LinkedIn. (some recent shares linked below)

Tech News: I also like to keep up with tech news and sometimes express my thoughts, comments, and observations. Most recently, I shared:  #RedditBlackout.

Top resources:

Gamification, Product Design, Become a great product manager

Convert product metrics to business impact:

I've worked on products that do not directly contribute to the business goals. And in such cases, it becomes difficult to measure and show impact of my product.

It also becomes difficult to effectively prioritise my roadmap without knowing the impact of each feature.

To overcome this, I follow a very simple process to convert product metrics to business impact.

- read more

Current Sprint

Over a period of time, I have realised I have a unique and structured way of thinking and approaching specific problems.

I refer to these unique ways of thinking as mental models.

I am in the middle of writing a detailed guide explaining the meaning of mental models, why they're important, and which mental models I use in real life.

Inspiration Backlog

A lot of product managers, especially when new to the job, tend to overlook a very important aspect in their day to day -- business sense.

And this makes it difficult for them to make the best decisions.

I've been collecting thoughts (from my experience) and ideas on how product managers can improve their business sense.

How I can help you become better:

  1. Communication Toolkit - get access to 20 templates that will 10x your communication with zero effort. (Get 30% OFF)
  2. Interview coaching: if you have an interview coming up, I will work with you and help you crack it
  3. Personalised mentoring: 1:1 mentoring to help you identify your strengths and opportunities. And work with you to make you a great product manager

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