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User Stories

In this comprehensive guide, we'll delve into the essence of user stories, their pivotal role in product development, and how to craft them effectively to drive success.


After 13+ years as product manager and leader, I can say with 100% confidence that, despite the non-standard definition of success, there are a few things that are always CRITICAL to be excel

Product Strategy - 9 Tweets to help you understand what it means

These tweets are designed to provide a solid foundation for understanding Product Strategy, but further research is always encouraged.


These guests have successfully made the tough transition from a non product background to being a PM. We will dive deep into: Their background before the transition.

Tech Debt - What is it And How to Manage it

However, there are various methods and tools available to estimate the amount of technical debt within a software project.

Product Management Interview Questions to Ask The Interviewer

Are there any plans on changing the team structure? Other than meeting KPIs, what are some qualities needed for the team to be successful? Product related questions.

Great Product Managers Focus on the User And The Problem More Than The Solution

There are many things that separate a good product manager from a great one. But there is one aspect that holds truer than all else. I summarised this in a. tweet. 👇. Liking this post?

What As A Minimum Viable Product (With Examples)

This allowed them to validate their assumptions about user demand before investing significant resources into development. Maximising Learning with Minimal Effort.