We as product managers need to be learning all the time. We need to stay up to date with our industry, competitors, and technologies. We must always be working to get better at our jobs and deliver more impact for our users. 

Fortunately (or unfortunately) there is no dearth of product management resources available on the internet. With so much variety, it becomes very difficult to separate the signal from the noise. And with the limited amount of time we have, we should only focus on the best of the best resources.

In this article, I share the absolute best resources that I have collected over the last 3+ years or so. Every resource on the list has stood the test of time and I can guarantee that it is the best quality content on the topic.

I update this list every time I discover a new resource (that passes all my tests.) Don’t forget to bookmark it for future reference.

[Last updated: June 2023]

Blogs and Newsletters:

1. SVPG (Silicon Valley Product Group) by Marty Cagan:

Practical advice on how product management should be done in today's world. Marty's focus on empowered teams is something I really admire.

2. Blog by (Nielson Norman Group):

Nielson and Normal are world Leaders in research-based user experience. They are also the authors of the best-selling book The Design of Everyday Things.

3. Bring The Donuts by Ken Norton:

Ken spent 10+ years as a product leader at Google. In his blog, he shares great advice for product managers and leaders.

4. Reforge Blog:

Partners at Reforge, who are top leaders from many successful companies share very insightful guides and advice via this blog. Reforge also runs multiple cohort courses to help product managers excel at their jobs.

5. The beautiful mess by John Cutlefish:

John writes about anything and everything product management. His articles are short, to the point, and very meaningful. John also shares a lot of their thoughts on his Twitter account.

6. Ask Gib by Gibson Biddle:

Gib was VP of Product at Netflix. He was at the heart of early growth at Netflix. He talks about strategy and also shares very interesting stories from his Netflix days.

7. Lenny's Newsletter by Lenny Rachitsky:

Lenny has revolutionized the product management community by creating super powerful, insightful, and interesting articles. He also offers a paid version, which gets you access to more articles than the free version. The paid version also gets you access to a members-only slack group, which includes product managers and leaders from all over the world.

8. JustAnotherPM by Me:

If you're reading this, you probably know a little about me and JustAnotherPM. But I will still introduce JustAnotherPM (JAPM). JAPM is a platform for aspiring and new product managers. On this platform, I share very practical and easy guides that you can use every day to become a great product manager. Details:

  • View the older posts on the blog
  • Be the first one to get the guides via email
  • Get a weekly product management reading list on WhatsApp
  • Know what I'm thinking and researching on Twitter

9. Product handbook by Gitlab:

The handbook is focused on how product management is done at GitLab. But it has a few interesting reads that define the PM fundamentals very nicely.

10. ByteByteGo by Alex Xu:

Articles/Newsletter editions

1. Pragmatic Engineer - Project management at big tech

2. Future.come - Choosing your north star metric

3. Product Talk - Product discovery

4. Hustle Badger - How to write a great product strategy

5. Hustle Badger - Great product execution

6. Hustle Badger - How to build a high performance product organisation

Twitter Handles:

  1. @johncutlefish
  2. @shreyas
  3. @lennysan
  4. @kunalb11
  5. @cagan
  6. @joulee
  7. @bbalfour
  8. @aakashg0
  9. @aatirar
  10. @PawelHuryn

In addition to the above, I keep an eye on tweets from a few more product people.


1. IndieHackers (IH):

IH is a community of solo founders, side hustlers, and everyone in between. It is a group of the most motivated and selfless group of people who are creating powerful products everyday. I love IH for idea validation, meeting new people, learning growth strategies.

2. Product Management Subreddit:

Reddit has product managers from all stages of their careers, which makes this subreddit very unique. On it, I've found posts by younger PMs where I've been able to share my learnings and help others with the knowledge I have. And on it, I've also found posts by senior product leaders which have taught me a lot and made me a great product manager. I recommend visiting this subreddit at least once a week, and reading the top 5-7 posts.

List of books:

Start with this:

Best Product Management Resources on The Internet
Ultimate book guide for new product managers
  1. Inspired by Marty Cagan
  2. Empowered by Marty Cagan
  3. Continuous Discovery Habits by Teresa Torrres
  4. Working backwards from Amazon
  5. Monetizing Innovation by Madhavan Ramanujan
  6. Anything you want by Derek Sivers
  7. Brandwashed by Martin Lindstrom
  8. Boyd by Robert Coram
  9. Build by Tony Fadell
  10. The lean product book by Dan Olsen
  11. Product Management in Practice by Matt LeMay

Then try this.

The best part of learning online is the breadth of opinions. Each opinion brings about a new and fresh perspective. 

If you’re looking to get better and become great at your job, all you need to do is consume the product management resources listed above.

Podcast episodes:

  1. Lenny's podcast - Janna Bastow talks about building better product roadmaps.
  2. Lenny's podcast - Marty Cagan talks about the nature of product
  3. Oneknightinproduct - Survive the Feature Factory by Applying Product Thinking to Product Thinking (with John Cutler)
  4. Storytelling with data - How I am building this


  1. Oneknightinproduct by Jasin Knight
  2. Product Thinking by Melissa Perri
  3. The Tim Ferris show by Tim Ferris
  4. This is product management
  5. The product school

Twitter Accounts:

  1. TPF
  2. Nnamdi Azodo
  3. Tobi Otokiti
  4. Reforge
  5. Gergely Orosz
  6. GrowthDotDesign

LinkedIn Accounts:

  1. Enzo Avigo 
  2. Oji Udezue
  3. Dan Olsen
  4. Nir Eyal
  5. Melissa Perri
  6. Aatir Abdul Rauf


  1. Digital Product Management Specialization
  2. Product Ideation, Design, and Management Specialization


How I can help you:

  1. Fundamentals of Product Management - learn the fundamentals that will set you apart from the crowd and accelerate your PM career.
  2. Improve your communication: get access to 20 templates that will improve your written communication as a product manager by at least 10x.
Aug 13, 2023
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