Detailed and practical guides to help you excel as a product manager

Fundamentals of Product Management

Product Managers Will Commit To A Release Date But Will Fail To Deliver

Learn why having specific delivery dates is crucial for product management success and discover effective strategies to manage missed deadlines and keep your projects on track.
Fundamentals of Product Management

Understanding and Using Weighted Shortest Job First (WSJF) in Agile

Learn how to prioritize efficiently with WSJF in Agile. Understand how WSJF can make prioritisation more effective.
Fundamentals of Product Management

Product Marketing vs Product Management

Discover the nuances between product marketing and product management. Learn the key differences to level up your strategy today. Click here for insights!
Industry Trends

Everything You Need to Know About Customer Advisory Boards

Understanding your customer is the ultimate advantage in today's competitive landscape. But how do you ensure you're truly hearing their voice and not just echoes of what you think they want? Customer Advisory Boards (CABs) offer a powerful solution.
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The Ultimate Guide to Mastering Your First 90 Days as a Product Manager

New product manager? Learn how to own your first 90 days with this actionable roadmap. Master your role, connect with users & stakeholders, and start delivering impact like a pro.

Top Recommended Books for Product Managers

Discover the ultimate list of top recommended books curated specifically for product managers. Elevate your skills and insights with these invaluable resources.
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5 Common Types of Product Managers: An Overview

Explore the diverse landscape of Product Management with this comprehensive overview of five common types of Product Managers. From visionary strategists to detail-oriented analysts, this guide sheds light on the various roles and responsibilities within the realm of product development and management.
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How To Translate "Business" Impact to a Product Roadmap (and vice versa)

Explore the essential insights on 'Impact to a Product Roadmap' – a comprehensive guide that delves into how strategic changes, market trends, and stakeholder feedback influence the direction and priorities of a product's development journey.
Product Management Concepts

Retention -- What is it, how to improve it, how to measure it. A guide for product managers

Unlock the secrets to successful customer retention with our comprehensive guide, 'Cracking the Code.' Explore proven strategies, data-driven insights, and customer-centric approaches to build lasting relationships and boost your business. Discover the key tactics that turn first-time buyers into loyal advocates. Elevate your customer retention game for sustained success.
Industry Trends

What are the main uses of scheduling and work management software?

What are the key types and uses of scheduling and work management software? This comprehensive guide explores popular options like calendar apps, task management tools, time trackers, and project management platforms - and top benefits for product managers.
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Product Manager Course: Shaping Future Leaders in Product Development

Unlock your potential with our complete product manager course. Gain expertise in product development, strategy, and leadership. Enroll now!