If you aspire to become a successful product manager or enhance your existing Product manager skills, enrolling in a product manager course is the first step towards achieving your goals.

What does a Product Manager do?

A product manager's job is to consistently create value for customers while capturing value for the business. 

To make this happen, a PM has to go through four broad motions – Planning, Alignment, Execution, and Measuring and Improving. Each phase has specific deliverables associated with it, and it is the PM's responsibility to do everything that is required to deliver the deliverables. (Read more about these phases here.)

Is It Important To Take A Product Management Course?

Taking a product manager course is highly important to excel in product management. These Product management courses offer valuable insights, practical skills, and industry knowledge crucial for effective product vision setting, execution, and leadership. Product management courses provide a structured approach to managing products, teaching best practices through real-world examples.

Moreover, reputable product management courses equip you with the tools to handle complex products, deliver world-class features, and navigate challenges successfully. So, if you're serious about a career in product management, enrolling in a product manager course is a wise investment in your future success.

Benefits of Taking a Product Manager Course

Taking a product manager course offers a wide array of benefits:

1. Skill Enhancement

Product management courses equip you with the skills and knowledge necessary to excel in this role. You'll gain expertise in areas such as user research, product strategy, product design, and project management.

2. Career Advancement

Completing a product manager course opens doors to better career opportunities. Whether you're just starting or looking to move up the corporate ladder, a course is an invaluable asset.

3. Industry Recognition

Many organizations prefer hiring product managers with relevant Product management training and certification. A product manager course demonstrates your commitment to the role.

Types of Product Manager Courses

There are various types of product manager courses available to cater to diverse learning preferences:

1. University Degrees

Several universities offer bachelor's and master's degrees in product management. These courses provide a comprehensive education in the field, covering both theory and practice.

2. Online Courses

Online platforms like Coursera, edX, and Udemy offer a wide range of product management courses. These courses are often more flexible, allowing working professionals to upskill at their own pace.

3. Bootcamps

Product management bootcamps are intensive, short-term programs designed to provide hands-on experience. They're ideal for those looking for a quick career transition.

What to Look for in a Product Manager Course

When selecting a product manager course, consider the following factors:

1. Course Content

Ensure the course covers essential topics like product strategy, product development, and stakeholder management. Look for hands-on exercises and real-world case studies.

2. Accreditation

If you're pursuing a degree, check if the university is accredited. For Online product management courses, seek reputable platforms with a track record of quality.

3. Instructor Expertise

Research the instructors' backgrounds. Experienced industry professionals often provide more valuable insights.

4. Student Reviews

Read reviews and testimonials from previous students to gauge the course's effectiveness and relevance.

Top Universities and Online Platforms Offering Product Manager Courses

Several renowned institutions and online platforms offer product manager courses. Here are a few notable options:

1. Stanford University

Stanford offers a Master of Science in Management Science and Engineering with a product management track.

2. Harvard Extension School

Harvard Extension School provides an Introduction to Product Management course via edX.

3. Coursera

Coursera offers the "Product Management Specialization" by the University of Virginia, which includes five courses.

4. Udemy

Udemy features a variety of product management courses, including "The Complete Product Management Course."

Tips for Success in Product Manager Courses

Succeeding in your product manager course requires dedication and effort. Follow these tips to excel:

1. Stay Inquisitive

The field of product management is ever-evolving. Stay curious and keep learning.

2. Networking

Build a strong professional network within the course and the product management community.

3. Practical Application

Apply what you learn in real-life scenarios to reinforce your understanding.

List Of Best Product Manager Courses Available

To help you take the first step or enhance your existing skills, we've compiled a list of some of the best product management courses available. Let's explore these options:

1. Fundamentals of Product Management by JustAnotherPM:

This course will improve your understanding of product management. More importantly, the course will cover tens of practical problems that product managers face and then demonstrate precisely how to address them like a pro.

The entire course is full of actionable advice and tricks that have been rigorously tested in the real-world.

The cost is USD 150, and you'll receive a certificate of completion.

2. Introduction to Product Management by Cognitir

Cognitir offers an affordable and comprehensive Introduction to Product Management course. Geared towards beginners, this online program covers various topics, including the product manager's role, software development methodologies, and key practices like A/B testing and wireframing. The course provides a collaborative learning environment, allowing you to engage with fellow students and an expert instructor. The cost is USD 49 per month, and you'll receive a certificate of completion.

3. Product Management A-Z by Udemy

Udemy's Product Management A-Z course is an affordable choice for beginners. Priced at $19.99, it offers 4.5 hours of on-demand video, practical assignments, and a certificate of completion. The course covers essential product management concepts, making it an excellent introduction to the field.

4. Product Manager Certification Course by Product School

For those committed to a product management career, the Product Manager Certification Course by Product School is a comprehensive option. This online program costs USD 4,499 and lasts either five days (full-time) or eight weeks (part-time). You'll gain access to on-demand videos, templates, tools, and a student forum. The course includes group activities and a final project for a professional certification.

5. Product Toolkit by Product Lessons

Product Lessons, founded by product management expert Linda Zhang, offers the Product Toolkit. This all-encompassing toolbox is suitable for aspiring product managers and seasoned product leaders. It includes 76 lessons, 70 examples, 28 templates, 11 videos, and three pricing options: Starter Kit for USD 119, Essentials Kit for $179, and Premium Kit (including 1:1 coaching) for $499.

6. Free Product Management Course by Great Learning Academy

If you're hesitant to commit to a paid course, Great Learning Academy provides a free product management course. Ideal for beginners, it covers the basics of product management and the product life cycle. The course is a great introduction to the industry, and you can complete it at your own pace.

7. Product Strategy by Northwestern University

Northwestern University's Kellogg School of Management offers a comprehensive course that delves into product strategy. This program covers everything, from the product's life cycle involving various departments to marketing strategies. It also partners with major companies like Amazon and JPMorgan and offers flexible payment options. You'll have the opportunity for team-based learning with your fellow students.

8. Product Management 101 by Todd Birzer

With over 25 years of experience in product management across various industries, Todd Birzer has designed a course that condenses his wealth of knowledge. Boasting a 4.6 rating from 13,000+ reviews on Udemy, this course includes five hours of video, 60+ articles, and resources. It's the perfect starting point for anyone looking to kick-start their product management career.

9. Product Management: Building Great Products by Jon Kolko

Taught by Jon Kolko, a four-time author with over two decades of experience in design strategy, this online course offers a creative approach to product management. You'll learn about visualizations, design, and creating visuals for your product ideas. The course includes 1.5 hours of video and 11 articles and resources.

10. Product Manager Certification Course by Product HQ

Dhaval Batt created this interactive course to address the challenges he faced when transitioning into product management. It not only covers the fundamentals but also equips students with job-hunting skills and interview tips to outshine other candidates. The course involves a day-to-day project and grants access to a community of over 9,500 product managers via Slack.

11. One Month Product Management by One Month

Christian Arca, a former product manager at Etsy, designed this course for entrepreneurs and business leaders seeking to bring their product ideas to life. Unlike traditional product management courses, this program guides you in launching actual products, providing you with a side project to pursue.

12. Product Management First Steps by LinkedIn Learning

LinkedIn Learning provides a range of courses and resources, including this introductory course by Doug Winnie, a former Principal Product Manager at Adobe. With a 4.7 rating from 13,000+ reviews, it covers the six phases of product management, from research to retirement, and offers a peek into a product manager's daily tasks.

13. Fundamentals of Product Management by Stanford University

If you prefer a classroom setting, Stanford University offers an introductory product management course. Led by Kunal Punjabi, a veteran product manager, this course provides in-depth knowledge of product management theories and frameworks. It features virtual classroom settings, including breakout rooms and group activities, fostering networking opportunities with instructors and peers.

14. Product Management by General Assembly

General Assembly offers product management courses designed to provide practical skills that employers demand. With the opportunity to create a professional portfolio by the course's end and instructors from top companies like Google and eBay, this program ensures a valuable learning experience.

15. Blackblot Strategic Product Manager™ Course by Blackblot

Blackblot specializes in educational services for business leaders, providing comprehensive product management templates and models through the Blackblot PMTK Methodology™. This program offers a chance to earn an international accreditation in product management and provides ongoing professional support to graduates.

16. Product Management In-Person Training by 280 Group

Leveraging over 20 years of product management experience, 280 Group offers in-person training with a focus on teamwork. The courses range from entry-level product management to leadership best practices. With instructors from diverse industries, you can align your course with your career goals.

Pro Tip: Choose a course that aligns with your desired product management career path.

17. Product Management Certificate Course by BrainStation

BrainStation offers a comprehensive product management certificate course that emphasizes real-world experience. You collaborate with professionals from various departments, gaining insights into a wide range of roles. The course features instructors from top companies, ensuring that the material has real-world applications.

18. Product Management Certificate Program by UC Berkeley

UC Berkeley’s Haas School of Business provides a more traditional classroom setting for its product management program. You'll study online for six weeks before applying the theories during an intensive in-person week. The course features world-renowned professors and instructors actively working in product management.

19. Become a Product Manager | Learn the Skills and Get the Job by Cole Mercer and Evan Kimbrell

Instructors Cole Mercer and Evan Kimbrell bring their extensive corporate and startup product management experience to this course. Boasting a 4.6 rating from 46,000+ reviews, the program offers 13 hours of video, 145 articles and resources, and career advice. The end-of-course resume, job hunting, and interview lessons help you maximize your chances of landing a product management role.

Final Verdict:

In today’s competitive world, a product management course can be your stepping stone to a successful and fulfilling career. Gain the knowledge, skills, and confidence you need to excel in this dynamic field. Take advantage of this opportunity to shape the future of your product management career.

How I can help you:

  1. Fundamentals of Product Management - learn the fundamentals that will set you apart from the crowd and accelerate your PM career.
  2. Improve your communication: get access to 20 templates that will improve your written communication as a product manager by at least 10x.
Dec 11, 2023
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